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Harlow & District Premier Darts League
HIGHEST FINISHES + 180's   -   for    2018-19 SEASON as at  29th October 2018
Keith Arber (The Rams) 170     Darren Harlow (Tye Green Foxes) 3  
Micc Verrells (Tye Green Pirates) 123     Keith Arber (The Rams) 3  
Jeff Etherington (Sarvo Burts Baits) 120     Paul Squirrell (Servo Burts Baits) 2  
Andy Booth (The Rams) 118     Steve Tyler (Colt Hatch Mardles) 2  
James Jennings (Servo Burts Baits) 115     Andy Booth (The Rams) 1  
Tom Aken (The Rams) 115     Andy Davidson ( Tye Green Pirates) 1  
Andy South (Colt Hatch Mardles) 108     Andy Hentall (Colt Hatch Mardles) 1  
Andy Hentall (Colt Hatch Mardles) 107     Chris Samuels (SUSSC) 1  
Simon Hales (Servo Burts Baits) 106     Damian Green (Paringdon Greens) 1  
Ian Mappley (The Rams) 100     Dan Grimes (The Rams) 1  
John Cashman (The Rams) 100     Dicky Foster (Servo Burts Baits) 1  
Paul Squirrell (Servo Buirts Baits) 100     Jason Fitch (Tye Green Foxes) 1  
        Jason Phillips (SUSSC) 1  
        Luke Arber (The Rams) 1  
        MartynDavies (Tye Green Pirates) 1  
        Mick McNally (Tye Green Pirates) 1  
        Pat Yates (Moot House) 1  
        Peter McDonald (Sawbo Brewery) 1  
        Phil Elms (SUSSC) 1  
        Rob Revell (Sawbo Brewery) 1  
        Steve Jeffries (Tye Green Pirates) 1  
        Stu Brown (Moot House) 1  
        Tommy Aken (The Rams) 1  
TOTALS 12     TOTALS 29 0
High  Finishes Team Totals League KO   180's  Team Totals League KO
The Rams 5     The Rams 7  
Servo Burts Baits 4     Tye Green Foxes 4  
Colt Hatch Mardles 2     Tye Green Pirates 4  
Tye Green Pirates 1     Colt Hatch Mardles 3  
Dartful Dodgers       Sawbo United Services Club 3  
Moot House       Servo Burts Baits 3  
Paringdon Lions       Moot House 2  
Parndon Minions       Sawbridgeworth Brewery 2  
Sawbo United Services Club       Paringdon Greens 1  
Sawbridgeworth Brewery       Dartful Dodgers    
Paringdon Greens       Paringdon Lions    
Tye Green Foxes       Parndon Minions    
TOTALS    12 0   TOTALS 29 0