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1 League to be known as The Harlow Club Darts League.
2 The teams present from the previous season will be invited to reconstitute the League in the coming season 
  at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  Those members will then decide what number of teams will constitute the League for the coming season, 
  and new team membership applications will then be considered if any vacancies occur.
3 No player registered with this league will be allowed to sign or play for any other Harlow Thursday night winter league.
  If a player is found to have signed on for any other League they will be expelled from this league.
4 Entrance fees for ensuing season to League, Knock-Out competitions and late signings to be fixed at the AGM.
  Current entrance fees : League - 60 Including entry to Team Knockout.
  All other Knockout entrance fees are - 1 per person per event. Late signings 2 per player.
5 There will be no gender or age restrictions on players registering to play in the league.
6 Teams may sign additional players up to and including the last league game of the halfway point of the season.
  No additional players will be allowed to join the League after the halfway point of the season.
  Teams may only play any addition signed players on the night if they cannot field 8 players.
  If any team signs additional players and they have 8 or more players the named signed players can’t play that week 
  and must wait till following week to play
  All new signings after 1st week of season will subject to a - 2 registration fee per player signed.
7 All complaints and protests must be put in writing and sent to the League Committee/Secretary.
8 Any club found to be deliberately playing ineligible Players will be deducted a minimum of 3 points for each player that is
   ineligible to play.
9 Players may NOT transfer between teams during the season
  Players from a team withdrawn from the league cannot sign for a new team whilst their previous team owes money or
   trophies to the league
10 League meetings will be held on a date decided by the committee.
  These meetings will be attended by the  Committee and a minimum of one elected member of each team.
  Only one member per team is entitled to vote.
11 Any team NOT represented at the League meetings will be fined 5.00 per meeting missed
12 Age limit – All Teams to abide by the rules of the home venue - WAR MEMORIAL [ No kids under 6 ] after 7PM.
13 Pin Badges shall be awarded to players who score 171,174,177 or 180
14 Teams holding trophies that belong to the league are responsible for their well-being and upkeep.
  Any loss or damage must be paid by the team responsible, cost at time of loss or damage.
15 League matches to be played on a Thursday night unless otherwise authorized by the League Committee.
16 League matches to be played consist of:
  Two teams of four different players from each side, games to be 801 
  Four games of two different players from each side, games to be 601 
  Eight games of one player from each side, games to be 501 
  All games to be one leg and a straight start, double finish.
17 A team in the League will have a minimum of ten players registered
18 League / team KO matches are due to start at 8:30 pm
  If a full team is not present at this time, a later time will be acceptable as long as both Captains are in agreement.
  Minimum number of players to start match to be [ FOUR ]
  The game MUST be played with a minimum of [ FOUR ] players.
  A full team will consist of a minimum of eight players
19 Teams who are shorthanded will play the short games last.
  I.E. [ with seven players present ] – 4v4, 3v4, 2v2, 2v2, 2v2, 1v2 [ and play 7 singles only ].
  I.E. [ with six players present ] – 4v4, 2v4, 2v2, 2v2, 2v2 [ and play six singles only ].
  I.E. [ with five players present ] – 4v4, 1v4, 2v2, 2v2, 1v2 [ and play five singles only ].
20 Captains must advise each other about players possibly turning up late.
  Late players must sign the card before the captain includes them in the section they want to play in.
  I.E. Sign card before pairs are written up to play in the pairs.
21 The home team shall be responsible for ensuring “open board” facilities are available not later than 8:00 pm.
22 The home team shall be responsible for supplying caller and marker.
  The caller shall be the only person allowed to inform the thrower what is left or what total he scored.
  This information shall only be given at the throwers request.
  The caller may not tell the thrower how to get the total left.
23 In League games only, away teams to throw first in the first match, home team to throw first in the second game etc
24 Team Captains to write team names up on board at the same time prior to starting [fours , pairs , singles].
25 The use of electronic scoreboards for any match connected with the League is not allowed.
26 All matches to be played on first class match boards.
  Home team to be responsible for board.
  Both Captains agree that the board and oche are up to standard before nights play begins.
27 Minimum throwing distance to be 7’ 9” from the front of the board, and the centre of the bullseye must be 5’ 8” up from the
   floor. A raised oche is required, minimum size as BDO rules.
28 The strictest order should be kept during play, and strict order should apply when the player is taking up his position for
   play and throwing.
29 Any cancelled games require 48 hrs notice (including to the Fixtures Secretary).
  If teams cancel games then The team cancelling the game will have an opportunity to replay 
  the cancelled game at the earliest available day, this does not have to be a Thursday, but both teams must agree.
  If no agreement can be made then the team cancelling the game will receive a
   [ 5 point deduction ] and their opponents will receive an average amount of points at the end of the season based on
  their final points total, this will also apply in the 4’s and not [14 – 0] forefit as before, this will make it fair to all teams.
30 In the event of a team withdrawing from the League before completing the first half of the season, all points played for 
   will be deducted
  If a team withdraws from the League in the second half of the season, only the points played for in the first half of the 
  season will count.
31 If a team withdraws from the League then all honours achieved during the season will be forfeit (highest finish, 180s etc).
  All entrance monies paid will also be forfeited.
32 Should two or more teams tie at the end of the season, the team with the lowest number of defeats is to be declared the winner.
  Should there still be a tie the results of the matches between the 2 teams will be used to decide the winner.
  If there is still a tie then a play-off using the Team KO rules will be used to decide the winner.
33 The home team shall be responsible for ensuring the Fixtures Secretary receives a correct result card no later than the
  Wednesday following the date of the match.
  Results must be text or emailed or put on facebook group within 24 hours after the match.
  If MATCH CARD has not been received by the following Wednesday night then [ rule 37 ] shall be strictly enforced.
34 All players must print (LEGIBLY) in FULL [ no initials ] and sign their names on results cards before their game starts.
  You  (CANNOT)  sign for another player.
  Teams found guilty of this will be disciplined.
35 An authorized representative of each team must sign the result card after the match.
36 A copy of the teams registration form must be held by the team captains to be produced on request of the opposing Captain 
  at League matches and Knockout  competitions
37 Late or incorrect cards shall be subject to a fine of 5.00.
  In the case of incorrect scores both teams will be fined 5.00 (each).
38 No team shall be entitled to keep a trophy, no matter how many times they win it.
39 Some of the Knockouts will be played on various Thursdays throughout the season.
  The Fixture secretary will decide which ones and the dates they will be played.
  The TEAM Knockout will be played over the course of the season except the Final, which will be played at the end of season.
40 For League competitions played during the season - All registered players may enter League competitions that are played 
  during the season as long as that player has signed for a team in the league.
  For League competitions played at the end of season-Any player found to have signed less than 50% league match cards is not 
  eligible to compete in any of the League knockout competitions at the end of season.
  This rule does not cover the first round of the Team Knockout.
41 Players entering knockout competitions must make sure they are available for all nights of the competition whatever the dates 
  they are scheduled to take place.
  Knockout  schedule will be available with season’s league fixtures at the start of season.
  Players found to have entered the competitions when they knowingly would not be available for the dates required will be 
  excluded from the following year’s competitions
42 Only pre-registered players may play in the knockouts.
43 Players must sign in themselves before 8.15pm latest. This means that your team mates cannot do this for you.
44 Losers of matches will chalk the next game.
45 Any loser not chalking the next game will incur a ban from all Knockout’s in the season’s competitions, and also be banned
  from entering all KO competitions the following season.
46 The Team of any loser not chalking the next game will be fined 5.00
47 In all Knockout matches (except Singles) all games will be best of 3 or 5 legs and finals will be best of 5 or 7 legs.
  Singles Knockout -  best of 3 or 5 legs up to the last 16/32 depending on number of entries.
  Last 32 onwards best of 5 or 7 legs.
48 There shall be 1 draw at the beginning of the night.
49 Callers for the first 8 games in the 1st round will be chosen from the bottom of the draw as to eliminate the need
   for volunteer callers.
50 Play will be decided by one toss of a coin, the winning toss throws 1st in legs 1/3/5/7.
52 All Knockouts will be played to a finish if possible on the night except [ PAIRS, SINGLES, TEAM KNOCKOUT ].
  PAIRS – will be played over 2 weeks
  SINGLES – will be played over 2 weeks. [MENS] / [ LADIES ] of 1 week
  LADIES  will not be allowed to enter the MENS singles Knockouts as they have their own LADIES SINGLES KO
  TEAM KNOCKOUT – will be played throughout the season with the final being played at the end of season.
53 Fours Knockouts -  Now allows up to 3 reserves.
  These can be used in any team or at any time, But Players who have been changed and the Reserve may not play for any 
  other Four.
  Teams may be changed from round to round (not during).
54 Mixed Pairs - The Female player shall start the leg.
55 The Team KO [ FORMAT ] for the season will be  2 x FOURS [801] – 4 x PAIRS [601] – 7 x SINGLES [501]
a] Division 1 will play to a winner and Division 2 will play to a winner.
  Division 1 winner will then play Division 2 winner in the FINAL of the TEAM KO
56 The draw for the Team Knockout will be made at the last league secretaries meeting before the season starts.
57 The Captains Knockout competitions will be open to those persons elected as Captain by their respective teams 
  (or vice captain if captain is unavailable)
58 The Secretary’s Knockout competitions will be open to those persons elected as Secretary by their respective teams
   (or Vice Captain if Captain is unavailable during the current season).
  The Committee is deemed to be Secretaries.
59 The Committee will be made up of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Results/Fixtures Secretary, Competition Secretary, 
  who must be members of a current league team.
60 The Committee will be elected at the AGM from those persons who are members of current teams.
61 Should any team withdraw from the League, if their representative is an elected Committee member then that person 
  will forfeit their position on the Committee. A replacement shall be elected.
62 Any breach of the rules shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Committee.
63 The League Committee shall be allowed to override rules where unforeseen circumstances, where strict adhesion to the
   rules could be considered to be detriment of the majority of team members.
64 The Committee reserves the right to refuse to accept new players registration.
  No reason is required to be given.
65 All rule changes shall be brought to the notice of the Committee in writing at least one week prior to the AGM and will be
   discussed and voted on at the meeting only. A majority in favour passes the rule change request.
66 Markers and Callers are NOT allowed to drink during the games.
67 Markers should score through scores and totals when the total left is 170 or less, so as to avoid confusion between what 
  has been scored and what total is left
68 Food is not Compulsory, any team wishing to supply food do so at their own expense.
69 Bad sportsmanship or abuse will not be tolerated.
  Sanctions will be brought against the players/teams involved.
  Sanctions may go as far as banning guilty parties from the League.
  Sanctions will be decided by a disciplinary committee which will be convened as and when necessary.